I am a Doctor in Physics with a tremendous confidence in Science and Technology…In general, I eat very healthy; fruits, vegetables, fish, tofu, olive oil. I exercise at least 4 times a week. But, I also have a very stressful (normal these days) job. During the last two winter seasons, everybody was happy because the mildness of the season, and so was I. However, I started to get worried about an early spring because with the spring also comes the ALLERGY season. Last year was particularly a strong pollen season and my body sensed it very effectively. I had been avoiding [prescription] medication as much as possible but last spring I was forced by the strong symptoms to take Claritin. And yes it relieved me of the allergy symptoms but also produced strong side effects. I couldn’t sleep and as a result of that I couldn’t rest and my body was falling apart. At that time, my husband and I discussed his acupuncture treatments from a few years ago. I decided that it was time to find a different path for a solution to my allergy. I had spotted an ad in the local newspaper for acupuncture treatment at Holmdel Acupuncture & Natural Medicine Center. I made an appointment even though I was very concerned about how painful the needles might be. That day during the spring of 2002 was my lucky day. After the first treatment that was anything but painful, I didn’t have to take Claritin anymore. The second treatment brought complete recovery to my life. After this “miracle” I decided that my body deserves the treatment of acupuncture to recover from the years of stress and imbalance that I had suffered. I go once a week and every time I feel I am reborn after my acupuncture session. I now look forward to my treatments that are so important to keep my body in balance.

Magaly Spector
I saw an article in the newspaper about Holmdel Acupuncture and Natural Medicine Center and I figured since I had nothing to lose and that I would give it a try. I have been receiving acupuncture treatments for about two months and have felt better than I have in years. I owe it all to Liping Wang. In such a short time I have experienced not only longer periods of relief from pain but a renewed energy and greater mobility. Friends and family have also noticed a big difference in my appearance, movement and attitude. I recommend acupuncture wholeheartedly to anyone in a similar situation.

-Chet Urbanowicz
Brain Tumor
I must begin with sharing my deepest appreciation and gratitude to Liping for the finest care and attention she has given me from the onset. Please share all my thoughts with anyone questioning the value of acupuncture. In the beginning, I did not have much faith that acupuncture would benefit me. I have such a major health issue that I was convinced that not too much could help me. All was changed and my opinion is quite different now. I profess that if it were not for my neuro-oncologist and Liping focusing on my health I would not be here to talk about it.

My illness is a rare terminal brain cancer and after all the normal cancer routes are taken there is not much more to do for help or life for this. I first met with Liping one year and eight months ago and have been blessed ever since. The acupuncture therapy has strengthened my immune system that had drastically fallen from radiation and chemotherapy treatments. I stand very strongly to recommend this to others with health issues. Quite frankly, just the positive mental exposure from Liping would build the wellness that is so needed when circumstances get negative.

In conclusion, my thanks and gratitude go to Liping, tenfold. I believe that acupuncture is very serious and a necessary holistic action to use for improving, maintaining and curing health issues that many of us experience. Liping has given positive attention to my family and all my friends I have recommended to her. It’s rare to discover perfection and I think I have. Liping definitely is a blessing to me. I thank GOD for bringing me to her.

– Suzanne Brust
I sought acupuncture after more than 40 years of digestion problems that traditional medicine had not been able to remedy. I had regular bouts of diarrhea, profuse gas, and a very weak and “nervous” intestine. For the previous 5 years, I had followed a careful balanced diet that helped a little but did not take care of the diarrhea. The effects of acupuncture were dramatic. After a few sessions, my digestion rapidly improved to a level that I had never experienced before (no diarrhea and no gas at all), and my energy level was greatly enhanced, particularly in the afternoons. I became calmer and my endurance level was improved. Importantly, I have not caught a cold or any illness since I started acupuncture 9 months ago, in sharp contrast to my usual pattern during the previous Fall and winter seasons, and despite a most stressful period (loss of my job after 22 years and a period of unemployment). For me, acupuncture is now a part of my life, and helps me focus on optimal health as opposed to the treatment of illness.

– Yves Chabal, Professor

I suffered terribly from symptoms of ulcerative colitis, brought on by the very medicines prescribed to combat gastrointestinal disorders. Through visits to Liping and her staff for acupuncture, counseling, and herbal medicines my body was able to combat and overcome misdiagnosis and wrongly prescribed drugs. Maintenance visits keep me going in a healthy direction. I always look forward to my visits to this office. Through Liping and Chi’s kindness, genuine concern and professionalism, my energy, health and positive outlook on life have been restored. I now bring my five year old son for acupressure treatments for chronic sinusitis. He is having great success as well.

– Karen McFarland
Health Maintenance
At my age there are ongoing health problems that continue to nag, but hey, I get around pretty well. I go for Chinese Acupuncture about once a week, and heed the advice of Liping about nutrition and herbs. I continue to take one drug for blood pressure, but have decided not to spend my life wedded to the pharmaceutical companies. The acupuncture, my lovely walks along Big Brook, a conscious effort to draw closer to home, and my readings bring me peace in a stressed-out world.

I’ll close with a passage from Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine by Harriet Beinfield and Efrem Korngold:

‘The Western philosophy was more akin to Eastern until the renaissance of the 17th century, when our civilization revolutionized its thinking. It was then the scientific philosophy of the 1600s began to consider people as independent of the living systems that surround them and assumed that we could dominate and exploit nature without being affected by it. We escaped from dependency on and attachment to the natural world, pursuing invulnerability, invincibility and immortality. Four hundred years later many of us regret this stance, aware, as anthropologist Gregory Bateson puts it, that ‘an organism that destroys its environment, destroys itself’.

– Irene Lynch
I had been diagnosed with Chronic Urticaria (Hives) and had been suffering for about 5 years. The hives were getting progressively worse, both in quantity and covering larger areas. My “western medicine” doctors tried many different types of medication including thyroid medication, antidepressant medication and just about every antihistamine (most of these pills taken at the same time!), and nothing seemed to work. I knew this could not go on much longer.

I called Holmdel Acupuncture to see if they thought they could help my condition. They told me that they thought that they could and I am happy to say that not only did they help me, but they were also very professional and caring in the process.

I am so convinced that they paved my road to recovery, that now both my wife and 4 year old daughter are patients for almost every condition that ails us!

Thank you Holmdel Acupuncture for all your help!

– Mark Torre
I went to the doctor to have my blood pressure checked and it came out at 138/82. He was so surprised that my pressure was so good. I told him I had acupuncture. It helped to bring my pressure down to normal.

– Marilyn DiSanto
Joint Pain
My aunt had been suffering from ankle pain and swelling for the last 20 years. It became worse after moving here from the subtropical climate we had in Guangdong, China. Matters got even worse in winter. I took her to Liping to get some relief. After 3 months of treatments, my aunt was off pain killers and heating pads completely. And she has not complained ever since. I always believed in the power of acupuncture and believed it was more than just needles and pressure points. The caring and attention my aunt received from Liping was just as effective as the treatments, if not more.

– Jing Luk
Lower Back Pain
This is an acknowledgment of the excellent care that I have received under the guidance of Ms. Liping Wang and Ms. Chi Nguyen. I have been suffering with chronic back pain for over two years. The condition had deteriorated to the point where any physical activities were negligent. I had consulted with many professionals about my condition which had been diagnosed as degenerative arthritis for which there was no cure. I was looking for help that would decrease the pain and allow for normal activities. I was told of Holmdel Acupuncture & Natural Medicine Center and decided to try it. After only one treatment I was surprised at the level the pain in my back decreased. With continued treatment, my mind set has gone from one of skepticism to believing. I am now able to do normal activities without the pain that I previously experienced. I do not know if I will obtain the ability that I have known in the past, sports etc., but at least I am again able to accomplish some physical activities which I had not been able to for a long while. I now am a firm believer in the benefit of acupuncture as practiced by competent trained professionals such as those at Holmdel Acupuncture Center. Thank you very much for the assistance and care that you have provided.

– Hayes Banks U.S. Army, Retired
Before receiving acupuncture treatment at Holmdel Acupuncture Center, I had been on hormone supplements to counteract the severe PMS symptoms I had experienced for years, my blood pressure was elevated, and my energy level was at an all time low. After just a few treatments, even my family and friends noticed a huge difference. It’s been 10 months since I’ve taken any hormones, I am back to a full exercise routine and my doctor is currently weaning me off blood pressure medicine. I couldn’t be happier! I hope you will let people know what a difference your treatment has made for me and I hope my experience will motivate others to try a new and natural approach to leading a healthier and more productive life.

– Shelly Newman
You helped me when no one else could. Before coming to you, I had consulted a chiropractor, who can usually take care of any previous back trouble I have had, and an orthopedist. I suffered for nearly two weeks until I saw your ad. After only one treatment I found relief. And after only four treatments I was able to enjoy my holiday and have a great Christmas. It has been not even a month and if I am careful, my symptoms are virtually gone.

– Deborah Nelson
I began treatments with Liping Wang in December of 2002. I have a condition know as Scleroderma and it has caused the blood circulation to the tip of my middle finger to cease. A vascular surgeon told me that that portion of my finger would need to be amputated. My rheumatologist recommended that I try acupuncture. I am pleased and delighted to say that after numerous treatments my finger is fine. I am continuing my treatments with Liping as I believe in her and the healing powers of acupuncture.

– Susan Gubernat
It was my first session with acupuncturist, Liping Wang. I was lying on the table and she was listening to the pulses in my left arm. She told me that Chinese medicine teaches that the organs hold emotions. She was listening to my liver. “Much anger,” she said.

“Yes,” I replied. “So, if you give me this treatment, all the anger will go away?” I asked.

“Chinese medicine is not magic,” she said. “Chinese medicine strengthens the body so that you can make the magic happen.” Herein lies the story of making that magic happen…

I have been haunted by depression to varying degrees for over two years now. The memories of being sexually abused have been most difficult for me to live with. After 18 months of psychotherapy sessions, I felt like I was not healing. I discontinued psychotherapy two months after starting the Holistic Health program at Georgian Court College. Quitting my job and beginning these classes lifted me out of the depression for a while. Receiving meningeal care and massage was instrumental in this, but I became increasingly uncomfortable receiving the care. Touch, at this time, triggered more memories and I did not want to remember any more. I felt like I did not have the energy to deal with more memories. Eventually, my depression returned.

On January 6, 2003, I wrote in my journal, “I do not want to live like this any longer…” On March 3, 2003, I wrote, “I need some kind of help; I cannot do this anymore…” By May, I was thinking often about dying. I had no plan for suicide but I often thought that my family and the world would be much better off if I was not around. Some days, I would pray that I would die. Summer came and I spent most of my days in the sun watching my daughter and her friends in our little pool. That was healing for me; being outside, hearing the giggles of little girls. But, I still had no energy. I felt useless. I kept telling my husband that I felt as though someone was draining all the blood from my body. It was an effort to cook, to clean, sometimes to get out of bed. I am an overly responsible person, so I did push myself to get up, but it continued to get more difficult. I often would make deals with myself, “If I can just make it through this next hour then I’ll treat myself later to a lavender bath…”

Depression entered my being when I was asleep. One day I woke up and realized that everything was different. The vibrant color from my vision was gone. Everything seemed black and white. Depression heightened my sensitivity. I could not tolerate noise; I could not even listen to music without feeling agitated. Depression stole my voice. I no longer felt that I had anything worthwhile to say. It replaced my voice with one that only spoke of pain. Depression replaced the warmth of my body with a constant chill. Not only was I always cold, but I often felt numb below my waist. My body felt like it no longer belonged to me. Depression inhabited me; it smothered me, it weighed me down and distorted my perceptions. I was no longer the outgoing, confident, giving person that people had known before. I began to feel guilty. I have a great husband, a precious daughter and people who love me; how could I be so ungrateful? Feeling guilty did not serve me. Guilt and Depression seem to be longtime friends…they grow as they feed off of each other.

I met with Dr. Robin Shapiro and she suggested that I consider acupuncture. A week before this, she emailed me and asked me to consider the possibility of taking anti-depressants. I was grateful that she respected my comment that I would die before taking prescription drugs to treat depression. Truly I felt that my lack of confidence in them would negate any good they might do for me. So Dr. Shapiro suggested that I call Holmdel Acupuncture and request Liping Wang.

September 11, 2003 was my first appointment. Liping invited me into her office, shook my hand, and offered me a cup of tea. She sat down and read my patient information form. When she got to the part on the form where I mentioned “Depression,” she said that Chinese medicine works primarily with the body. I told her that I felt as though my energy was blocked. She asked me what that felt like. I told her that sometimes it felt as though the upper and lower parts of my body were not even connected. I told her I was sexually abused. She asked me if any of the people involved in the abuse were still in my life. And, she asked me at what age this happened. I told her the first time was when I was 4 or 5, and then later in my preteen/teen years. She said, “You were just a little girl.” At that point I was trying very hard not to cry. She invited me into one of the examining rooms.

The examining room was small, all white, with two large charts of the meridians on the wall. Liping asked me to lie down on the table. She listened to my pulses in my left and right wrist area. Then she asked to look at my tongue. She said my chi was very deficient. All organs were deficient, especially kidney, liver and spleen. She said she needed to put needles in my stomach…At that point I almost started to cry. I did not want to lift up my shirt. I knew rationally that she was not going to hurt me, but I did not know her. Why should I trust her? She sensed my uneasiness and told me that she knew I did not trust her yet and that trust would build over time. She said that since I was there, I should take advantage of the care that could help me. So, I tried to just breathe. She placed four needles in my stomach, two around my knees and one near my ankles. The needles did not hurt at all. As soon as she put the needles in my stomach, little red circles appeared around the needles. She said that was a good sign; my body was accepting the treatment that it needed so much. She invited me to lift up my head and look. She said it was very important that I stay warm so she put a heat lamp above my exposed belly and put a blanket resembling a large piece of aluminum foil over my legs and feet. Liping then put some soft music on and told me she was going to leave me alone for about 25 minutes. The music she plays is composed particularly for the healing of specific organs. For me, she most often plays the “nourishment” CD. She said if I needed her for anything to call out her name. She told me to close my eyes and enjoy the treatment.

I did not close my eyes, I was too nervous. My mind was racing. I looked at the meridian chart on the wall, totally amazed that the Chinese people knew all of this so long ago. I thought about how different this whole experience was from Western Medicine. If I went to a Western medical doctor and told him/her that I was suffering with depression, I would have been handed a pill, the same pill others with depression take. To me, this seemed so ridiculous. Depression manifests itself in different people for different reasons in different ways. How does one pill know how to treat all the manifestations of depression? Liping, on the other hand, seemed to have such a trust in the innate healing powers of the body. The pulses, the color of my tongue and lips and my overall appearance tell her what is out of balance and those organs are treated specifically. The care was being individually tailored to my needs. I like the fact that there is no machinery used in diagnosis. I often wonder how an individual’s energy interfaces with diagnostic machinery. Does one’s uncomfortableness with machinery effect the diagnosis?

Twenty five minutes went by quickly; Liping returned. She asked me how I felt. “Fine,” I replied. She took the needles out. I asked her how often I should come for care. She suggested twice a week; or at least once a week if my schedule did not permit more. She looked at me and said, “You have a strong spirit.” That comment, coupled with the whole experience made me feel quite validated. I was almost happy to hear that I was so deficient. At least there was a reason I was feeling so crummy all the time. The fact that she commented on my spirit also made me feel quite good. Some days, I felt rather heroic that I made it through the day on the amount of chi that I had. It was affirming to know that someone else could see that too.

As I drove home, I felt so peaceful. I like the Chinese philosophy that when things are out of balance within, things are out of balance without. I liked the fact that this treatment was continually working to restore balance within me so that I could “make the magic happen.”

“Magic” is sometimes defined as “an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source.” (Webster’s) Certainly by my second visit to Liping, I was feeling this extraordinary power. I really did not know it was possible to feel so good. I do not think I had ever felt so energized, and yet so peace filled, at the same time. By the third visit, I felt that Depression was no longer inhabiting my body, mind, spirit. One day I woke up and felt very, very different. Vibrant colors returned, just in time to celebrate autumn. I began to enjoy listening to music, to my daughter’s laughter, and to my husband’s voice. The bone chilling Depression was replaced with warmth. Depression no longer lingered in my voice. I began to speak my truth, clearly, audibly and without excuse. My perception of hopelessness changed to a perception of possibility. I still get sad…very sad sometimes, when I think of the possibility that my mother may no longer be a part of my life, but I am able to remind myself that I am not my sadness. I no longer feel like the sadness consumes me.

Perhaps one of the most profound effects that acupuncture has had on me is that I no longer feel “frozen.” For three years, I had no sexual desire. I actually felt numb below my waist. This was difficult on my marriage despite the fact that I have a very patient and understanding husband. Even though I know that there are many ways to “make love” with our partners, I felt sad and guilty that I could not be physically intimate with my husband. Since my third acupuncture treatment we have been enjoying a physical intimacy that we had not known before. I still do not like him to touch my neck, but I have great hope that in time I will be able to deal with whatever is stuck there so that I may be able to enjoy feeling his breath on my neck.

All of this does seem like magic, but healing is a process. I realize that balance is not static. Whatever an acupuncture treatment does to cultivate, preserve and balance my chi, I need to work in my daily life to facilitate the process. I am well aware that I need to continue to look at how I nourish myself. While reflecting on this the other day, I realized that everyday I make lunch for my husband and daughter before they leave for work and school, and I never make anything for myself. So, on the three days that I teach, I do not eat lunch. This does not serve me. Changing my diet to include more meat so that I can build more chi continues to be a slow process. In a broader sense, I realize that I have been raised in my Church to put everyone else’s needs before my own. It has only been within the last month that I have realized how engrained this philosophy is in my life. I make sure that my house is clean, laundry done, food shopping done, papers graded before I do anything nurturing for myself. Slowly, as I continue to receive care, I am working to change this. The fact is that if we do not nourish ourselves first, we really have nothing healing to give to those we love.

It does seem magical that the intense rage that I felt towards my mother and those who sexually abused me has greatly dissipated. I do realize however, that I must continue to speak my truth, set boundaries and express my anger in healing ways in order to cleanse myself totally from this crippling emotion. This is a practice I know I must cultivate.

I consider it miraculous that Depression has left so quickly, but still I have work to do. Depression leaves traces of her chi within a person’s being. Over the past few months I have noticed that the words I speak to myself are not always healing. Depression can leave one with habits of negative self talk and useless ruminating. In order for me to totally be rid of her grasp, I must continue to be aware of how I speak to myself and how I spend my time.

Making the magic happen has not been as easy as it might sound. At first, it was very difficult for me to overcome my fear of lying on a practitioner’s table to receive care. I did not like taking off my shirt for back acupuncture. I did not like lying down and sticking out my tongue. I did not like closing my eyes in a strange room in a strange place while the needles were doing their work. To be honest, I think it was desperation that led me to override these fears and continue with the care. Although Liping said that her education did not include any training on how to give care to someone who has experienced sexual abuse, she is very sensitive and intuitive to my needs. At the same time, she encourages me to move beyond my fears.

I have learned so much about myself through receiving acupuncture over the past ten weeks. I really feel like I have received an amazing amount of knowledge about myself and the care. I feel, to a large degree, that I am getting my life back. I do know that I still have a great deal of work to do in changing old patterns, in nourishing myself and releasing some stuck memories. I no longer however, look upon these tasks with hopelessness and fear. Instead, I am celebrating the fact that now I have some chi to “make the magic happen.” Liping is right; acupuncture is not magic. But for me, acupuncture has released “an extraordinary power from a supernatural source.” The source…the healing source…only our perception of it is supernatural. The healing powers within us are a gift to all who acknowledge that between heaven and earth we stand.

– Anonymous

My name is Angie Luchayco. For many years I have been very healthy, until six years ago. I was diagnosed with a lower back problem. I had been on prescribed pain medication, such as Celebrex, Vioxx, etc., along with Cortizone injections to my lower back injected with long spinal needles. All of these medical modalities have not helped me much at all. And recently, Vioxx was withdrawn from the market due to many complications, such as heart attacks and strokes, to many who were prescribed it.

With no positive results, I then decided to research Alternative Medicine, which we were never educated on in my Western Medicine schooling. Like most medical doctors, I did not believe in it until 3 years ago. I now follow many Alternative nutritional guidelines for myself, and also have shared this important information with my office patients without hesitation.

Last year, by chance, I had the pleasure of meeting Liping Wang at a Health Fair seminar. Then, in February of 2004 I hurt my back, and I continued to suffer from tremendous pain. It was so intense, I almost submitted myself to plan to have surgery on my back. A friend of mine, who is an Anesthesiologist practicing in Kansas City, strongly recommended I try Acupuncture after having seen so many failures in back surgery. Thanks to God, I remembered meeting Liping earlier and I decided to speak with her again about this new situation.

After talking with Liping, I decided to give Acupuncture a try before surgery. I never thought it could really help me this much. Now I am so glad I didn’t rush into surgery. I am feeling so much better, day-by-day, with less pain all of the time. I believe Acupuncture can really help people with back problems, in addition to being positive for so many other medical conditions. Acupuncture treatments can also prevent many other problems and complications, especially those developed by taking prescription drugs.

Liping, I want to thank you so much for helping me and many other patients with your gifted skills in Acupuncture. May God bless you always so you can continue to help more people who are suffering from so many ailments.

– Dr. Angie Luchayo, M.D.
For four years I’ve been going from one specialist to the next trying to find a diagnosis for my failing health. After having virtually no success, I was beginning to feel like a character in one of my favorite children’s books, Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young. In this story six visually challenged mice are standing on different parts of an elephant making false conclusions about the object they are standing on based solely on the part they are standing on. The seventh clever mouse takes all of the components and pieces them together like a puzzle, and discovers the object they are standing on is an elephant.

As each specialist tried to make a diagnosis based on certain areas of the body, I was ping-ponged back and forth from doctor to doctor. The waiting room of the doctor’s office became a part of my regular routine, while many of the things I used to do became part of the past. Now I know what you are thinking, this is a bash on doctors, but it’s not. I have a great deal of respect for anyone who dedicates their life to healing people, no matter which way they do it. However it was clear that my solution was elsewhere.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me explain the symptoms of my undiagnosed health problem and reveal why I couldn’t sit back and chalk it up to being something in my head. A persistent cough and phlegm began to plague me on a regular basis. My digestive system wasn’t what it used to be. I also had long periods of fatigue and an overall sick feeling. Red rashes on my face and neck were beginning to appear from time to time. During rough times I suffered from muscle weakness, hair loss, and night sweats. Along with countless other symptoms it was impossible to do my own research. Many different types of diseases fit my symptoms, yet there would always be something that would exclude me from each group. After a year of symptoms, most of my time was spent dealing with the pain and discomfort and trying to discover what I had. All my blood work and countless tests seemed to show that my overall health was fine. Many of my goals went to the wayside and I was beginning to feel like I was crazy, but deep inside my head was the determination to keep searching for an answer.

This is when I decided to try acupuncture since the theories behind it matched up with the type of help I was looking for. Naturally I had some basic questions. Would the needles hurt, and was it safe? Could they help me even though I didn’t have a diagnosis? Most importantly would the treatments lessen the symptoms or actually cure me?

After my first appointment at Holmdel Acupuncture & Natural Medicine Center I walked out of the office and felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. They never looked at me like I had three heads, in fact for the first time I found someone who understood my symptoms. Instead of walking out of the office with questions and doubt, I walked out with a feeling of peace and dignity.

I also had reassuring answers to most of my questions. Every individual is different, but for me the needles were painless, and their procedures are completely professional and safe. I didn’t need a diagnosis to get help. Not only were my questions answered after the first visit, but I started to feel better on the first day of my treatment. Along with the treatment I was given simple tips, targeted to my specific health issue which would strengthen my health. After the third visit my symptoms rarely occurred. By a month and a half they were beginning to disappear altogether.

My mind in no longer filled with thoughts about my symptoms, or my health, instead I am back to living my life. I have no doubt in my mind that I am close to a complete recovery, and without a clear diagnosis. How can it be? For four years I was searching for a name for what plagued me when I should have been helping my body to heal itself, which is precisely what acupuncture does. Many different factors such as excessive stress, pollutants and certain foods can cause imbalances within the body, causing an array of health problems. The wonderful staff at Holmdel Acupuncture & Natural Medicine Center not only help me achieve a balance with in my body, they help me get back what I miss the most- my self worth.

– Jessica Sollien
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